Thursday, 30 September 2010

Shop by Colour

Using stumble I um, well just stumbled across this Etsy feature allowing you to shop by colour.  Now for all you regular Etsy shoppers this may have been around for a while, but I have only just come across it and was impressed I must say.  

Check it out at, it's easier to take a look rather than me describing it!    

I think the idea is brilliant, and quite a lot of fun just swirling the mouse over the colour palate.  Once you have chosen a colour only a few products are shown, however this could be due to it being a new feature and therefore may need time to organically grow.  It certainly is a novelty and a great way to come across new items that you hadn't necessarily been looking for.  

Sticking to the subject of shopping by colour, I came across this lovely online shop the other day called Red Candy.  The whole shop is dedicated to selling red home furnishings and modern interior accessories.  Some of my favourites items include a red rubber washing up bowl, a clever kitchen sponge holder, luxurious red toilet paper and a beautiful butterfly clock.


Take a look at the website for lots of other stylish and quirky items and let us know if you have come across anything similar!

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